We have secured a generous discount with a top quality rainwear provider to get the very best outdoor clothing at a fantastic price.

When you sign up your child to attend we will provide them with a top quality Didrikson’s Slaskeman set of waterproof dungarees and jacket, from Sweden, a good quality backpack size and age appropriate for them to carry their packed lunch and spare clothing and a long sleeved top.

The cost of all this equipment will be £65 and will be yours to keep. Please ensure your child arrives dressed in this kit each time they attend.

We also have zip fleeces available, scroll down to see them.

Forest School Clothing

You can purchase base layers, boots, fleece layers, waterproof hat and waterproof mittens from https://www.littleadventureshop.co.uk/ we can give you a 10% discount code.

Boots – we recommend Sorel waterproof boots (please ensure they are fully waterproof and not the snow boots which are only waterproof on the toes) or find a good pair of waterproof walking boots. These are both much better than Wellington boots as they will fit your child’s feet properly allowing them to run and climb safely. Plastic wellies offer very poor insulation and children’s feet quickly get cold and sweaty in the summer. If they must wear wellies, then several pairs of socks are essential in the winter months or we recommend Demar Wellingtons which are made of ultra light and insulating material EVA and have fleece liners giving cold insulation, which allows to keep the feet warm and cosy even at temperature -30*, get the ones with a draw string at the top. (Link)

Long trousers – both in Summer and Winter we will be asking for children to wear their dungarees, to keep warm, dry and to protect from scratches, bites and sunburn. Even on warm days it can be cooler under the shadow of the trees. We would recommend base layer leggings under the dungarees in Merino wool and/or polyester blend – for a warm base layer with excellent wicking performance and a durable fabric. In winter the mid-layer should be a material which has good thermal properties. Try to avoid cotton wherever possible.

Long sleeved top – both in Summer and Winter, to keep warm and to protect from scratches, bites and sunburn – part of the kit above. We are in the process of changing our logo long sleeved top that comes in your kit, we ask for your patience while we source an appropriate material that comes in the sizes we require.

Layers of clothing appropriate to the temperature and the season – in Winter the children will need at least three layers to keep warm. We find that base layer leggings, trousers and the waterproof dungarees work well for their bottom half, and for the top half, a base layer top, long sleeved top, good quality fleece and waterproof jacket is a good mix. Merino wool and/or polyester blend – for a warm base layers with excellent wicking performance and a durable fabric. Please be aware that any cotton layers will soak up sweat and will leave you child cold, even on cold wet days your child will get hot and sweaty under their waterproofs. Its not about the amount of layers your child has on to keep warm and dry its about the type of fabrics the layers are in.

We recommend a knitted hat that will fit under your child’s waterproof hooded coat or fold up to fit in their bag, couple of pairs of knitted gloves that can be replaced throughout the day and a waterproof outer glove.

You can purchase base layers, boots, waterproof hat and waterproof mittens from https://www.littleadventureshop.co.uk/ we can give you a 10% discount code.

Waterproof jacket and trousers/dungarees – part of the kit above. We have chosen 100 per cent waterproof outer layers so you can be reassured even in the wettest of weathers or if you child chooses to sit in water there are no breathable holes to allow water to penetrate through. The jacket has poppers on as zips get stuck with mud and this does allow some air to flow, the front of the dungarees come up the chest are under the coat opening offering an additional waterproof layer.

Didriksons waterproofs are hardwearing and comfortable. The raincoat has a hood and internal elasticated waistband – no cords! The dungarees have shoulder braces and stirrup straps at the trouser cuffs.

Fabric: Didriksons Galon, 2-layer laminate membrane. Outer layer 100% PU, inner layer 100% PES.

Waterproof level: 8,000mm when new, 5,000 mm after 3 machine washes

(British Standard for fully waterproof fabrics: 1,500 mm)

No need to machine wash – these garments can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

If you need to order replacement waterproofs we can get a discount from our suppliers.

Expect children to get their clothes dirty. The Didriksons waterproofs are gentle machine washable at 40 degrees.

Spare clothing
– please supply a spare set of underwear, socks, top and trousers in your child’s ruck sack inside a plastic bag in case of an accident or really wet weather. We can leave a spare set of clothes in a named plastic bag at the scout hut for our return if you wish your child to be changed prior to leaving us at the end of the session. Hat
(for sun or warmth depending on the season) and waterproof gloves.